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Stay ahead of the curve with TradingView

TradingView is a platform where you can meet traders and succeed in the financial markets. TradingView provides access to free charts, data, and all the tools you need to invest more successfully. Here, every trader will be able to simplify their crypto analysis and track stocks in real-time. TradingView helps to keep up to date with all the events in the financial markets and track trends.

First and foremost, it is an analytical resource, not a trading resource. Therefore, the main screen of the site is laconic, but contains everything you need to analyze the market by quantitative and time factors. Indexes displayed online are at the top. Growth, fall - thanks to the color indication it is convenient to track. Also, any trading instrument can be found using the search bar.

Reasons to choose the TradingView platform for chart tracking and data analysis

Convenient charts

Powerful technical analysis tools

The data comes in real-time

Access from all devices including desktop

Community of traders and investors

User-friendly and clear interface with multiple customizable dashboards

Beat the market game with the TradingView advantage

What are the advantages of TradingView:

First and foremost, it is online communication. This was the priority goal of creating the platform. Connect with other traders to learn something new and succeed in working with financial markets. Meet investors and traders from all over the world and subscribe to their best ideas!
The next advantage is the endless amount of data and analysis tools, charts of various kinds. This web service provides real-time data on a multitude of traded positions in the market. A chart with seconds of accuracy is already a reality. It allows for many customizations for any chart - candlesticks, line charts and more. And the time interval can be a week, a day or even a second. A wide range of parameters for building dependencies can give a lot of new ideas!
Personal technical analysis is available, and it is possible to study market trend forecasts from other traders and check how close they are to reality. Thus, you will easily find out who really knows best about the intricacies of stock market investments and whose words you should trust.
You can choose from 1,000+ indicators. In the TradingView community, we work together to create indicators that are not available anywhere else. Use traditional indicators or work with unique scripts created by our community - in general, customize the work of the resource and use it the way you like!
Your charts are always close to you: save your chart and work with it on any device. Start on your computer and continue on any mobile device. Send charts to your friends, creating an optimal workspace together.
You can have no doubts about the TradingView team's qualifications: the service provides tools created by PhDs, highly qualified specialists and engineers in the field of programming and computer science.

TradingView is a simple enough platform for a beginner. At the same time, its easily customizable nature allows users to adapt it to their growing requirements as their trading skills grow over time - even to the point of writing their own custom technical indicators. Its basic version is free, but if you want to experience the maximum power of the platform, you should purchase a paid subscription to the resource.

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